Know About Dental Filling

Many people go to the dentist due to their poor dental health. Most of us have the problem of cavities in our teeth. The cavity sometimes increases so much that people need to get its filling done. The dental filling is a procedure used to repair minor fractures in teeth as a form of dental treatment. A dental filling can help smoothen the surface of the tooth and improve the jaw for biting and chewing. Many patients with tooth decay also suffer from sensitivity. In such patients, tooth filling can improve sensitivity.

Dental fillings are artificial substances that are used to fill in the cavities in the enamel of decayed, broken, or damaged teeth.


The first step in the process of dental filling is to numb the area around the affected tooth to ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure. Lasers are used to remove damaged parts of the decayed or damaged tooth. An acid gel is then used to remove and clean any remaining bacteria or debris.

Composite material fills as the dentist places the filling. A bonding material is also used so that the filling bonds to the tooth in two ways. Bonded fillings can reduce the risk of leakage or decay under the filling. The entire material can then be hardened with the use of a special light. Finally, the tooth can be polished at end of the tooth-filling process.

Uses of dental filling

Dental fillings are used to repair the shape and stability of a damaged tooth, allowing for easier biting and preventing additional damage, decay, and tooth loss. Dental fillings can be used in the following situations:

Tooth decay is to fill holes in the enamel that have not harmed the inner pulp of the tooth, which contains blood vessels and nerves.

Teeth that have been injured or fractured and the enamel has chipped away, potentially exposing the tooth to decay

To repair damaged or eroded teeth


Complications of using a dental filling

There may be tingling or pain in the affected tooth while chewing for the first few days after a filling, especially if the food is hot or cold.

Some people may suffer itching and rashes if they are allergic to the filling material.

Insertion of the filling can sometimes cause nerve injury within the tooth.

There is little risk of infection at the injection or filling site.


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