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Dry mouth is the condition that occurs due to less production of saliva. As we all know that saliva is the most important component of tasting, swallowing, digestion, or speech. Saliva has components like proteins and electrolytes which protect teeth, oral tissues, facilitate speech, aid lubrication, and enhance tastes. According to the research, one in four adults is suffering from dry mouth, especially over the age of 55.
Causes of Dry Mouth:
• Dehydration
• Smoking
• Anxiety
• Aging
• Pregnancy
• Stress
• Hypertension
• Depression
Diseases such as Sjogren's syndrome, Diabetes mellitus, Parkinson's disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and many more may also cause dry mouth.
Symptoms of Dry Mouth:
• Dryness in the mouth and throat area
• Viscous saliva
• Burning sensation in the mouth
• Sore throat
• Bad breath
• A diminished sense of taste
• Tooth decay
• Oral yeast infections
• Periodontal disease
• Difficulty in speaking,
• Difficulty in swallowing
• Difficulty in talking
• Gingivitis
• Cracked lips and inner cheeks
Tips to treat Dry Mouth at home:
• Drink more water instead of carbonated or high-sugar drinks
• Chew gum containing xylitol
• Stop using mouthwash which has alcohol
• Eat crunchy foods like carrots, celery, apples, almonds
• Place a humidifier in your bedroom
• Avoid dry and spicy foods
• Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption
If your home remedies won’t work properly, then it is time to consult the best dentist in Noida. They will examine your mouth and properly diagnose the underlying causes of dry mouth.
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