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If you are a sporty person, then definitely you use different protecting pads to save your body from any injury. These pads or guards are used according to the choice of your sports. Here we are talking about mouth guard!
A mouth guard is designed to protect your teeth from the jerk, during sports.  If you got a hit in the jaw, with a mouth piece you may save your teeth.
mouth guard shields your upper teeth, gums from lacerations, soft tissues and more importantly, shields the roots of your teeth. It used to prevent your back teeth from striking together.
It must fit over part of your gums. They save teeth, their structure, their volumes, and their dimensions. They can prevent and significantly slow teeth wear.
If you don’t use mouth guard, it can lead to an uneven bite, premature teeth wear. But still, you have the options to correct your teeth like root canals, extractions, crowning, and cosmetic dentistry to gain facial vertical dimension
Kaashvi Medident is the best clinic to get mouth guard from the dentist Shalini Jain. This will be design specifically for your mouth. There are various types, soft, hard/soft and hard. It can be custom made at the Best Dental Clinic in Noida. She would take an impression of your teeth and make the custom-fit mouth guard on a model of your teeth. These fit well, are usually more comfortable and less likely to slip out when you sleep and provide better protection.
If you have braces, you can ask about the best options for protecting your teeth while you play sports.
To take care of your mouth guard, make sure to rinse it off thoroughly between uses and wash it with soap and water at regular uses.

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